Our Services

Please mention when contacting us if you require a receipt to claim from any Simply Health, Westfield etc health schemes, as only Tony is allowed to provide receipts (see About Us page for more details)


We provide expert treatments to ease foot problems and reduce foot pain.


We can treat calluses easing your discomfort and advising you on how to prevent them from occurring in the future.


From corns to calluses, we have the knowledge and experience to treat and advice you.


We can give good advice on how to keep your feet in good health

Ingrown Toenails

We can tend to your nail, providing you with advice as to how to care for your ingrown toenail and how to prevent it from happening in future.

Verruca advice

We are happy to offer advice to aid the prevention of verrucas

•Calluses (hard skin) •Corns •Ingrown toenails •Cracked Heels •Bunion advice •Hammer toe advice •Athletes foot •Verruca advice •Flat feet advice •Circulatory advice •Lower back pain advice •Arthritis advice and support •General footwear advice •Heel pain advice