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Tony Gregory Chiropodist Ltd offer foot treatments for a variety of different foot ailments. Calluses are caused by pressure or friction on skin. The skin thickens as a protective reaction. This usually occurs on the soles of your feet or any boney prominence particularly the tops of hammer toes and the small toe.

Calluses can be caused from wearing poor fitted shoes or can from an underlying problem such as bunions. If you undertake the proper treatment of any underlying condition, this should prevent the calluses from returning. Calluses are caused due to friction so if the root cause is put right they should be fine, unfortunately this is rarely the case and leaving the situation to become a wear and tear problem which will need regular treatment.

If you have any symptoms of calluses don’t hesitate to contact us. We can treat calluses easing your discomfort and advising you on how to prevent them from occurring in the future.


From corns to calluses, we have the knowledge and experience to treat and advice you. A corn is thickened skin usually located on the top or side of the toe. However they can also be located on bony prominences, under the foot and down the side of toenails.

A corn is usually caused by friction or rubbing (poor or tight-fitting shoes) and is best treated by removal using a scalpel blade. It is not recommended to use corn removal pads as these contain an acid which can burn skin which does not need to be touched.


Experiencing foot pain? Diabetes sufferers should take extra care of their feet due to the involvement of nerve endings which the disease attacks. This can lead to peripheral nerve damage where the patient is unable to feel their toes or has a pins and needles feeling.

If you do suffer from diabetes you should refrain from walking barefoot and be extra careful if you cut yourself as tissue repair usually takes longer and you will be more prone to infection. Because of this, diabetes sufferers should regularly examine their feet to uncover any problems straight away. At Tony Gregory Chiropodist Ltd we can soothe the pain and treat foot infections giving you professional advice and assistance.

Ingrown Toenails

It’s time to treat your toenails. Ingrown toenails can occur on any toe and usually develop when tight fitting shoes put too much pressure on the nail causing it to grow into the skin of the toe. Incorrect toenail trimming, fungal infections and repeat impact on the toenail are all causes of ingrown toenails.

We can tend to your nail correctly providing you with advice as to how to care for your ingrown toenail and how to prevent it from happening in future. The offending piece of nail can be trimmed off usually solving the problem, however if the nail has been damaged and continues to grow into the skin it may be necessary for full or partial nail removal.